Our selected bike tours

Gain valuable insight into the history and everyday life of St. Petersburg while biking and seeing some of its most popular places on this private 3.5-hour bike tour - fr...
City Centre Bike Tour
It’s impossible to imagine St. Petersburg without water surface of Neva River, channels and ducts. That is the reason why St. Petersburg is sometimes called “The Venice o...
Cycling along the channels
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Northern Parks X-country Tour
Enjoy the beautiful green zones in the city, discover the hidden architectural treasures. St. Petersburg is sometimes called “The Venice of the North” because it is almo...
Islands parks bike tour
Are you a strong man or a courageous women? You do not care about the weather conditions when you go to ride your bike? This tour is for you! We will fight with the wind ...
Gloomy Neva riverfront tour
If you familiar or just interested in virtual cycling training - you can visit our new Love.Cycling.club to get this experience in Russia as well! Professional Merida ro...
Zwift cycling experience St. Petersburg
1 hr 30 min

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